The Battlefield Bed & Breakfast loves your dog

Bringing Dogs to Gettysburg

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Whether you have a worldly Manhattan dog-park dog or a sophisticated well-clad lap dog, we would love to have you as our guests on our 30 private acres of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

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We love dogs and we love dog owners. We know that you don't want to leave your dog at home. And you shouldn't have to. You and your dog are welcome here.

Vacationing with your dog

You can hike over 6000 acres of national park land with your dog on a leash. Your dog will not be allowed inside the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum. Several Gettysburg restaurants have outdoor dining areas where dogs are allowed.


Coming to a dog show?

Dog shows are hosted in Gettysburg several times a year. We have enjoyed the company of 11 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 6 greyhounds during shows last year. We understand that you may sometimes have multiple dogs to show.

We also know that show dogs are excellent guests. We are less than a mile from the show site. Your dog will have room to exercize and you will have a special place to stay during the show.

Will your dog fit in?

Not sure if your dog will fit in at a bed and breakfast? Try taking your dog to a friends house and see what your dog does in a new environment. If you are thinking about leaving your dog in the room while you go out to dinner, try leaving your dog alone at your friends house first. Some dogs adapt well to new environments. Some dogs miss you too much to be left alone. If your dog whines and scratches at the door, she may not be ready to be by herself at a bed and breakfast. If you want to bring a crate, that may help.

What your dog will encounter at Battlefield Bed & Breakfast

  • New people
  • Lots of outdoor cats--we are a farm!
  • Fenced goats and sheep
  • Six acres of lawn for romping
  • Hiking trail through the fields--takes about 1/2 hour to walk the trail
  • Strange people walking outside your bedroom door
  • Possibly other dogs
  • A mucky lotus pond--only mucky if your dog jumps in
  • Deer
  • If you don't usually take your dog to a natural setting, don't be surprised if your dog finds every little bit of deer dung to roll in and wants to chase deer in the far distance.
  • This is tick country and Lyme's disease is rampant in this part of Pennsylvania. Have your dog vaccinated. Even if you don't stay at the inn, ask your vet if you should vaccinate your dog for the Gettysburg National Military Park.

If you are prepared for the outdoors and considerate of other guests, you and your dog will love it here! Come have a great time with your WHOLE family! Bring your dog!