History Programs

Every Morning
8 AM--9 AM
Before Breakfast

Will you hear stories of Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address,fire a musket, feel the heft of a cannon ball, find out how women spies helped their cause, or learn the real story of Civil War medicine?

Wake up to a cup of coffee and settle in to an engaging program with a costumed historian.

If you want to schedule battlefield or town tours, please set your tour after 10:30 AM so you aren't rushed.

Battlefield Bed & Breakfast has been providing history programs for our guests for 15 years. Come find out why our guests love our programs.

The Common Soldier

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Mike Chambers (left) is a Civil War reenactor who focuses on the daily life of the soldier. Mike will show guests the uniform parts and equipment of the common soldier. Mike also fires muskets with the guests.Usually, Mike presents on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

Civil War Medicine

  • pulig

Dr. Bill Pulig performs a mock amputation on a guest during a presentation in Civil War Medicine. Dr. Pulig is an orthopedist and podiatrist with experience in the reserves in the current conflict. He shares his expertise in both modern medicine and Civil War reenacting. He recently appeared as a Civil War medical expert on A&E's Paranormal State.

Lt. James and the Artillery

  • crawford

Reverend Ronald B. Crawford tells that tale of the Irishman, Lt. James and the Union Artillery that fought here on the South Cavalry Battlefield. Rev. Crawford is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who helped found the first UU church in Gettysburg. During his history presentation, he draws on his own military service experience, his passion for history, and his experience with public speaking. The story that he tells was researched by Leo McGuire. Leo tracked down the records of an individual soldier who lost an engraved artifact here on the property during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Women and Women Spies

  • womens

Sue Doucette shows how the women coped with the war during her Women Spies program. Women were half the population during the Civil War. Sometimes they even posed as men and fought side-by-side with the soldiers.

Her program includes information about women spies, soldiers, women smuggling contraband, nurses and women on the homefront. She also includes information about what the children experienced during the Civil War, both North and South.

Conversations with Gerry Eak

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Gerry Eak specializes in Abraham
Lincoln at Gettysburg and in the
Town of Gettysburg during the Battle.

Gerry is a Licensed Town Guide.

You may book town tours with Gerry for Sundays after the history program.

In Memory of Cal Doucette

  • greeley

Cal, we all miss you!

Horace Greeley muses about the politics and social milieu in the Northern states. Greeley was the publisher of the New York Tribune during the Civil War.

Cal Doucette portrayed Horace Greeley and a Civil War Santa.