Debbie and Florence invite you to visit Gettysburg Pennsylvania Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Inn for Lodging Accommodations and Two Wedding & Event Venues

We delight in helping our guests explore apple-harvest in Adams County. We can direct you to skiing at Liberty Mountain once the temperatures drop. We can tell you our favorite shopping spots for holiday hand-crafted treasures. Your innkeepers are the key to local information whatever your interest.

We invite you to stay in our 10 guest rooms in the farmhouse, 1 guest room in the barn,  or our cottage. Our inn is open all year. 

Our Historic Barn Venue seats 120 and is open May 1 - Oct 15.

The Solarium Venue seats 70 and is open all year.

Our inn specialties include

  • Daily Gettysburg history programs before breakfast - spend an hour with an enthusiastic historian

  • Delicious breakfasts featuring garnishes fresh from our garden

  • 30 acre nature preserve with hiking trails where you can enjoy the crisp autumn weather and colorful fall leaves

  • Fun and beautiful country weddings

  • Family gatherings

  • Business retreats - meet for the day in the Solarium or take the whole inn overnight

  • Dog travelers - no pet fees, all sizes accepted, multiple dogs welcome


Innkeepers Florence and Debbie March Welcome You!

Family is important to both of us. With two adult children each and five grandchildren between us, we know how important it is to build a place where families can come to build memories and celebrate together.

Florence has been innkeeping since 1994. She loves music, teaching, cooking,  and gardening.  In a world long ago and far away, she studied geology and worked in a science lab analyzing meteorites while looking for signs of life in outer space. While raising children, she trained as a music docent and taught elementary music in the California public schools. 

Yes, Florence is a Californian at heart. She was born in Hollywood and grew up in California. She moved to Gettysburg in 1993 to convert a historic farmhouse into an inn where guests can create memories and go away knowing more than they did when they arrived.

"When you visit, I would love to tell you about my song-writing.  Songwriting makes me think. I've also written some piano music.

I accompany the choir and the hymns at the Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg. I was one of the founding members of this church and we started right here in the Parlor at Battlefield Bed & Breakfast in 2002. 

I'm excited about the garden this year. We are expanding our herb garden and starting a new, larger vegetable garden. I like to plant flowers to feed butterflies and bees.

I am very interested in the stories of all the people whose history has touched the historic building that I take care of. I can't say I own it. It owns me. Ask about the stories of the house. 

See you soon!" - Florence

 Debbie started as the Event Coordinator in 2011. She has a passion for teaching and healing arts. 

Debbie is a real native of Gettysburg. Her family arrived in the Gettysburg/Hanover area in 1752 from Hanover, Germany.

She is a direct decendant of the Wolff/Wolfe family that owned the farm that was the site of Camp Letterman, the tent evacuation hospital created for the wounded after the Battle of Gettysburg.

Her family traded horses with both the Union and Confederate soldiers as they passed through her family farm. 

She has local stories to tell! 

When Debbie isn't training her new dog Vince, she loves reading about Henry VIII's wives. Well, maybe she doesn't speak Pennsylvania Dutch all the time. 

Her careers have spanned insurance, real estate, managing a pediatric office, and teaching medical classes at a career college. She never dreamed that she would be planning weddings. Life is full of surprises!

Debbie would say in Pennsylvania Dutch, "Come help me throw the horses over the fence some hay!"

We are waiting for you!


The Anna and Cornelius Houghtelin Home History

During the Battle of Gettysburg, the farmhouse belonged to abolitionists Anna and Cornelius Houghtelin, Vice-President of Gettysburg's Anti-Slavery Society in 1835.

The Farmhouse was General Merritt's Headquarters during the cavalry battle here on the South Cavalry field. The Historic Barn Venue was a Civil War Field Hospital.

The Solarium contains a fireplace designed by Victorian architect Frank Furness, who was a cavalry soldier with Rush's Lancers, a distinguished unit that fought on this property.

The infamous artillerist Lt. Robert James dropped an engraved silver spoon on the grounds.

President Eisenhower walked the property.

Add your own name to the list of luminaries who have left their mark on Battlefield Bed & Breakfast.

  • Built 1809 as a single family fieldstone farmhouse with a wooden summer kitchen and barn

  • 1863 the house was home to abolitionists Cornelius and Anna Houghtelin

  • July 3, 1863 Site of a cavalry charge and battle that raged during Pickett's Charge, now known as the South Cavalry Battlefield

  • July 3-4, 1863 General Wesley Merritt's Headquarters and cavalry camp

  • Barn became a Civil War field hospital

  • 1950-1969 Located in President Dwight D. Eisenhower's neighborhood next door to Eisenhower's friend George Allen

  • 2001 Founding location of the Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg