Activities at Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn and in Historic Gettysburg, PA

Travelers to Gettysburg, PA have many options for must-see monuments, shopping, restaurants, battlefield tours, and local entertainment. Use this free guide to start planning your vacation activities in historic Gettysburg, PA. 

Visit with any one of our three horses during your stay. We have a large brown horse, a white pony, and a miniature horse who all love meeting new travelers.

Visit with any one of our three horses during your stay. We have a large brown horse, a white pony, and a miniature horse who all love meeting new travelers.

Activities at Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn

Your stay at the inn includes an entertaining morning history program at 8 am and a delicious full hot breakfast. If you want to book Battlefield tours, set your appointment for 10:30 AM or later so you don't feel rushed.

At the inn, you can relax on the deck in the summer or by the fire in the winter. You can walk the trails on our 30 acre wildlife preserve. You can find a nook for reading or writing. Take time to explore the artifacts, furnishings, and pictures that tell the story of the historic farmhouse. Visit with the horses and ponies. Photograph birds, frogs, and wild flowers. Conduct your own paranormal investigation or commune with the spirits. 

Walk your dog. Play ball on the lawn with your kids. Bring a picnic - or have one delivered. You can spend the whole day on the historic farm property or use the farm as your retreat after you have indulged in the many activities offered by the National Park and the town.

Here is an Augmented Reality Video of the Battle of Gettysburg to whet your appetite before your visit. Then come walk the sacred ground where the battle occurred.

These Local Gettysburg Attractions Are Guest Favorites

There is no entrance fee for the Gettysburg National Military Park. You will be able to explore the 30 miles of roads and 6000 acres of parkland at your leisure.


Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center

The new National Park Visitor Center museum houses an enormous collection of artifacts from the Battle of Gettysburg displayed in a very informative way. There is an entrance fee to the museum. You can buy a one day pass, or a pass for two or several days.

Plan on spending several hours here. You will want to see the film, the Cyclorama, and all the museum exhibits.

This is also where you can arrange for a personal tour of the Battlefield with a Licensed Battlefield Guide. If you contact the guides directly, you may let your guide know about special interests that you have.

Eisenhower Historic Site

This is President Eisenhower's Home... The tour leaves from the National Park Visitor Center and takes about an hour.

A National Park Service Park Ranger in front of the David Wills House

A National Park Service Park Ranger in front of the David Wills House

David Wills House

This  museum is dedicated to Lincoln's visit to Gettysburg and to the Gettysburg Address.

The Shriver House Museum

This historic home is downtown Gettysburg is focused on interpreting the civilian experience. The home is furnished as if the Shriver family still lived there. The home was occupied by the Confederates during the battle. You can even see the holes where the sharpshooters knocked out bricks to shoot onto the street below. This museum is very well done and is well worth seeing.


Seminary Ridge Museum

Seminary Ridge Museum, located on Seminary Ridge, has three floors of exhibits that explore the dilemmas that shaped the Civil War, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, and the Seminary's role as a Civil War field hospital. The museum also offers tours of the building's Cupola, where Brigadier General John Buford stood as he plotted troop movements on the first day of the battle. 

Gettysburg Heritage Museum

Utilizing artifacts, historical documents, interactive displays, and 3-D productions, visitors will gain a better understanding of the events that took place in the town before, during and after the battle. Find out how the people reacted to the invasion of the town – freeze, flee or fight? Hear accounts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in a time when their home was in turmoil.

National Apple Museum

For a change of pace, wander north of Gettysburg into Adams County apple country. This museum in Biglerville explores the agricultural side of the Gettysburg Area.

Factory Tours in Hanover, PA

Did you know that Hanover Pennsylvania, just 20 minutes from Gettysburg, is known as the "snack food capital of the world"? Tour the factories that make your favorite chips, snacks, and pretzels.






You may not come to Gettysburg to do laundry, but you may find it very convenient that there is a drop-off laundry service a few minutes up the Emmitsburg Road from Battlefield Bed & Breakfast. They actually want your muddy, sweaty, slept in travel clothes and will promptly wash, dry, and fold them for you while you tour. Check out the Clothes Basket Laundry and refresh your travel wardrobe.

Interactive Map of Gettysburg Museums, Monuments, Shopping, Restaurants, Battlefield Tours, and Entertainment

Click on any icon to get additional information and driving directions to each location on the map.

Painting by Don Troiani. Courtesy of The National Guard [ CC BY 2.0  ], via Wikimedia Commons

Painting by Don Troiani. Courtesy of The National Guard [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons


Gettysburg is an artist colony. There are a myriad of galleries displaying historical art and the art of local craft makers and artists. We have a number of art and craft festivals that bring in the artists to meet with visitors.


Antiques, Artifacts, Reproductions, Books, and Outlet Shopping

Gettysburg has a large selection of boutique shops specializing in art and history. There is also an outlet mall, The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg, on the edge of town on Baltimore Pike. 

Recommended Gettysburg, PA Restaurants


Fine Dining Restaurants:

Casual Dining Restaurants:

Recommended Gettysburg, PA Area Vineyards and Wineries


Horseback Riding, Bicycling, and Carriage Rides

You can bring your own horse and ride the National Park trails, or you can join one of the horse tours that are offered in the warmer seasons

The National Riding Stable at Artillery Ridge

Confederate Trails Horse Tours
Hickory Hollow Stables


Carriage Rides

The Victorian Carriage Company offers Carriage Rides in warmer weather. Leave from the farm next door to the inn for Battlefield carriage tours. Advanced reservations recommended. The carriages are also found in the center of town and will take you around historic downtown Gettysburg.

Bicycling and Segway tours

Bicycling is a good way to see the National Park. Plan on some hills, but many of the park roads are reasonably flat. You can also rent bicycles in town or join a Segway tour.

Gettysburg Tours and Rentals
Gettysburg Bicycle and Fitness
Segway Tours of Gettysburg

Escape Rooms

Escape Gettysburg offers a fun family friendly Escape the Room Challenge. In an Escape the Room Challenge you are locked inside a room that contains puzzles and brain busters that you have to solve as a team to escape the room in 60 minutes. If you do not escape the room in 60 minutes you and your team lose the game. They offer three variations on the Escape Room game concept, "Gettysburg Address Heist", "Mad Hatter", and "Wizard Chamber". 

1863 Escape offers a purely Civil War themed Escape the Room Challenge. They offer two variations on the Escape Room game concept, "Rebel Recon" and "Spirited Study."