Our Commitment to Sustainable and Eco-friendly Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

Learn About How Battlefield Bed And Breakfast Inn Is Going Green


WHat it Means to BGREEN

Our BGREEN Pledge is a promise of environmental stewardship to our guests, our community, and our planet. As an eco-friendly business, Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn has pledged:

"We pledge to be a green business by putting environmental standards first and implementing sustainable practices into our business. We are committed to reducing our waste, recycling our resources, and reusing resources whenever possible. We aspire to be leaders of environmental stewardship in historic Gettysburg, Adams County, and the world."


We Feature Homegrown and Local Foods To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn has it's own on-site garden where food for our breakfasts is grown seasonally. By off-setting the need for cars and trucks to deliver all of our produce, we are helping to reduce the amount of carbon emissions expended in the process of food service. 

Reusing our biodegradable resources with On-Site Composting

Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn has it's own on site composter that is used to create fertilizer for our gardens. We reuse biodegradable plant and animal waste to create fertilizer for both the on-site garden as well as the beautiful floral gardens on our 30 acre property. 


Local Free-Range Eggs

The Inn serves and cooks with local free-range eggs from Weikert's Egg Farm, located in Adams County, PA. Free-range eggs are more sustainable since there are fewer industrial processes involved in producing free-range eggs. Also, by sourcing our eggs locally, we reduce the amount of carbon emissions and industrial processes involved in getting the eggs delivered from the farm to our doorstep. 

Conserving Energy with Energy efficient technology

The Inn has many Energy Star Certified products, ranging from refrigerators to computer technology. The Inn also uses energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible inside our buildings. 


The inn has an easily-accessible Level 1 110-V charging area in our front parking lot, which inn guests are welcome to use as part of their stay. Downtown Gettysburg also has two EV Charging Stations, one of which is conveniently located at the Gettysburg Foundation’s Visitor’s Center and another operated by Tesla which is closer to Gettysburg College. We encourage you to drive your electric vehicle to this EV-friendly destination.

Property wide recycling program

The Inn partners with Republic Services to recycle everything from cardboard to glass containers. The Inn's rooms also have recycling containers inside every room to encourage our guests to recycle. 


Water conservation and Towel Reuse Program

The Inn allows and encourages guests to reuse their towels by drying them out overnight and using them again the next day. This helps to conserve water and energy resources that are expended in the process of washing towels on a day to day basis.


Over 80% of our property is a dedicated nature preserve, providing native species with habitats ranging from wetlands to meadows to an ancient oak grove featuring witnesses trees that were present during the Civil War.