Mardi Gras Mayhem

A Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Party

“Mardi Gras Mayhem” invites guests to enjoy a combination of scenes and circus skills performed by the Gettysburg Goofballs, silly improvisations by their fellow audience members, and a chance to show off their sleuthing skills solving the mystery. Guests are assigned roles in advance and are encouraged to dress and act the part. Each character has scripted moments to read and secret facts to slip into conversations. Guests who prefer to observe are welcome to do so; between the Goofballs’ fire-breathing, stilt-walking, and outrageous costumes, Mardi Gras Mayhem is sure to be a sight to see!

Krewe Nouveau is a long-standing Carnival Organization in New Orleans with over 200 members. By tradition, the Krewe’s newly crowned Queen of Mardi Gras hosts a kick-off Royal Court Party to start the season. Join the Krewe members as they hit the scene in outrageous Mardi Gras fashion and enjoy an evening of fantastic food and Mardi Gras Mayhem! Gather information, trade clues, and solve the crime before the murderer gets away!

This event if open to both B&B guests and the general public.

Location: Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn's Solarium Event Venue

TIME: 7:00 - 10:00 PM

DATE: March 9, 2019

COST: $85.00 per person (includes dinner and entertainment)

To purchase event tickets without an overnight stay, call 717.334.8804 or visit us on facebook.