Things to do with your Dog in Gettysburg

Gettysburg is home to the Gettysburg National Military Park, one of the largest sculpture gardens in the world. The Gettysburg Battlefield contains 1,300 monuments, markers, memorials, and plaques.  Thirty miles of paved roads and well marked walking paths connect the magnificent sculptures all over the Battlefield. The Gettysburg Battlefield is a dog walker's dream come true. The park is also over 9 square miles in size, which means there are always plenty of new places to explore with your dog on a leash. The only limitations placed on dog owners is that dogs are not allowed inside any cemetery, building, or museum. 

By Ron Cogswell [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Ron Cogswell [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Places to eat with your Dog in Gettysburg

Gettysburg restaurants have adapted to the trend of visitors travelling with their dogs. Many local Gettysburg eateries have outdoor seating areas where guests with dogs can sit and enjoy a delicious meal without hiring a dog sitter for the evening.

Dog friendly Gettysburg restaurants include:

  1. The Pike Restaurant & Lounge

  2. Farnsworth House Tavern

  3. O'Rorke's Eatery and Spirits / Viktors Kozers / Viktors Kozers

A Dog friendly Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA

Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn is a dog friendly Bed and Breakfast located on the South Cavalry Battlefield in Gettysburg, PA. There are no additional fees for bringing your dog with you. Every morning you and your dog will be entertained by a complimentary Morning History Program at 8:00 AM. Afterwards you and your dog will be seated at a table in our beautiful dining room and served a delicious full breakfast tailored to your dietary needs by our own cooks. The Inn also has a basket of complimentary dog treats so that your dog has something to munch on while you eat. The Inn is located on a 30 acre nature preserve with walking trails that you can enjoy with your furry best friend. The Inn is also conveniently located within walking distance of many important historic Battlefield sites such as Devil's Den and Little Round Top. At Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn dog owners are invited to partake in a unique hospitality experience that is responsive to the needs of travelers as well as their pets. / seigo nohara / seigo nohara

Bring your Dog to Gettysburg!

Gettysburg is a great place to travel with a dog, especially when you have a pet friendly hospitality experience such as Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn. For more information on travelling with a dog to Gettysburg give us a call at 717-334-8804. 

Header Image by / Nathaniel Dodson