Expect almost anything but cold weather! June has beautiful days for hiking with blue sky and refreshing breezes. Some days are starting to get into the 80’s with humidity to match.

Sudden thunderstorms that might drop the temperature a wind-whipped 20 degrees for an hour or two. Then the sun may suddenly reappear.

You should bring a light wrap, but you may not need it. Prepare for rain, but expect a lot of good weather.

The evenings are starting to be warm. By June, the fireflies are out. You may enjoy time by the firepit or by the deck fireplace. You still may want a light wrap some evenings.

For shoes, you want something that can tolerate water and a muddy path so you can hike the Battlefield.

Bring bug spray for a few mosquitos and quite a few ticks.

Relax on our patio or deck with a cool drink and enjoy spring in Gettysburg.